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The Home Efficiency KitTM is a scientifically designed do-it-yourself home energy, and water efficiency retrofit kit. It's comprised of proven, easy to install components. Anyone can install them, and they have been tested by home owners like yourself. The Home Efficiency KitTM can decrease your utility bills within a few hours of installation. We are so sure you will save money we GUARANTEE it!

 Home Efficiency ComparisonHome Efficiency Kit 5 Year Graph Savings









While every home varies drastically due to climate, construction quality, appliances, habits etc. Almost every home's problems stem from the same correlating issues. The home efficiency kit was specifically designed to address these issues at a price that you can afford.

Top 5 Benefits of a Home Efficiency Kit

Benefit #1Save Up To 40% On Your Energy Bills.
Benefit #2Save Up To 47,000 Gallons Of Water A Year.
Benefit #3Doing Your Part To Save The Earth.
Benefit #4It Pays For Itself FAST!
Benefit #5It's Easy To Install.

  A Home Efficiency Kit is quickly becoming a necessity. Energy prices are on the rise with no quick fix in site. The sooner you purchase a Home Efficiency Kit the more you will save! Below are the energy efficient items included in your kit.
Blueline Powercost monitorBlueline Powercost monitor3rd Party Research Shows 6%-18% Savings on Energy Bills
Eco IQ Programmable ThermostatEco IQ Programmable ThermostatSaves up to $180 a year!
Energy Saving Surge ProtectorEnergy Saving Surge ProtectorSaves up to $85 A Year!
13 Watt ENERGY STAR CFL13 Watt ENERGY STAR CFL8 - 13w CFL Bulbs Saves up to $300
23 Watt ENERGY STAR CFL23 Watt ENERGY STAR CFL4 - 23w Saves up to $308
LED Night Light with PhotocellLED Night Light with Photocell
Water Heater BlanketWater Heater BlanketReduce standby heat loss by 25%-45% saving 4%-9% in water heating costs
1GPM Water Conserving Aerator1GPM Water Conserving Aerator* Saves 55% more water and energy then a standard 2.2 GPM aerator – that’s 13,140 gallons of water annually!
Rope CaulkRope CaulkAsbestos-free, draft-sealing peel-and-press.
Refrigerator Temperature CardRefrigerator Temperature Card
Refrigerator Freezer ThermostatRefrigerator Freezer Thermostat
Water Heater Temperature CardWater Heater Temperature Card

This kit MSRP's well over $300, but we know the higher that items are priced the harder it is for them to repay themselves. We have cut our prices, so you can expect a 1 year return. A Home Efficiency Kit is THE best energy saving investment can make, and we offer it at a price you can afford!

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